It has been such a pleasure…

McBoatPhotography_BetsyHeadshots-6 All things have a season, and after 15 years and an estimated 40,000 closings Williams Title has decided that it is a good time for us to retire from the real estate title industry.
Myself, having grown up in this industry and with my partner whom I am proud to call “mom”, Mrs. Williams, have both from the early 70’s through the 80’s, 90’s and until today seen so much change.  From working up HUD’s on carbon paper, six columns, HUD1 and now what everyone “affectionately” refers to the new CD, we have both decided that this is where our journey ends in this industry.
We proudly have gained so many relationships in the industry and we leave with so many fond memories.  As we have seen the tides come and go of both feast and famine for many decades we both wish nothing but the best for all those that we have come to know and respect and share industry knowledge and war stories.
As we have reflected with each other and with our staff, there is something additional that we have learned the past 15 years other than the changing of the Michelle-115settlement statement.  As we grew and  excelled in what we did professionally, we had the incredible opportunity to share in so many of the lives of you all as realtors, lenders, mortgage bankers, home sellers, home buyers and so many others and of course, our incredible staff both of years past and present.  There have been so many stories; more than 40,000 collectively; funny stories, sad stories, heart wrenching stories and success stories.
Everyone has a story.  Your stories have been beautiful.  Good or bad, they are yours.  We too have a story and we thank you for being part of ours.
We wish you all much success.  
Elizabeth (Betsy) Williams
Michelle McCollum

If you find that you need copies of policies or random items, you can email Barb Pettitt at or Claudia Smith
Williams Title is no longer accepting any orders and is officially retired.  It has been our pleasure to work with you.